Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New iPod

Today, I thought I'd just write about the latest news from Infinate Loop, in case you didnt hear.

Apple just released the iPod nano 4G, a new iPod Touch, and iPhone 2.1 (with Genius). Anyone want to give me their 3G?
Anyway, I think that looks very nice and I cant wait to try it out. I probably won't buy one, because, if I do buy and iPod, it will be an iPod touch, which is now cheaper ($129). It also has a new design, a built-in speaker, longer battery life, and many more features.Apple seems to love wavy curves now. First the iPhone, then the Nano and Touch. They seem to do these trends a lot. The last one was curves with a sharp edge.

It's defiantly nice that Apple is starting to become less of the "really cool, but really expensive" and more "really cool, and cheap, too." Many of their products were the most expensive item in their product category, and now, although they're still near the top, the prices are much more comparable.

EDIT: I finally got an iPod Touch (2G, 16GB). Check out my Sazze review!

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